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1.     In my experience, juice fasting is the most effective treatment for high blood pressure, bringing about in almost every case a sharp reduction in the systolic pressure in a short period of time. Vegetable and fruit juices and vegetable broth will supply blood and tissues with the important mineral, potassium, which helps to eliminate accumulated sodium (salt) from the tissues. A juice fast also normalizes and corrects most other disturbances and malfunctions in the body which might be contributing causes to the elevated pressure.

Recommended length of fast: 3 to 4 weeks, or several repeated one-week fasts if longer fast is inconvenient. The therapy can be repeated several times with an interval of 6 months between each long fast.

2.     For those who for some reason cannot fast, a watermelon diet for a week (eat nothing but watermelon for one week) can be tried.
3.     Rice-fruit diet is also shown to be effective: eat nothing but whole cooked rice and cooked and raw fruits for one or two weeks.
4.     Dry brush massage morning and evening. Lots of exercise, walking and deep-breathing exercises. Although strenuous exercises such as weight lifting or competitive sports are not advised, high blood pressure patients should exercise as much as possible, starting with mild exercises and walking, gradually increasing their length each day.



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