February 10th, 2011 — 3:50pm

Dietary considerations
The Airola Diet with emphasis on raw foods. Several small meals, instead of a few large ones. Use plenty of raw seeds and nuts, also sprouted seeds. Cold-pressed vegetable oils, particularly safflower oil, flax seed oil and olive oil, should be used regularly. Make sure they are not rancid.
Avoid all hydrogenated fats and excess of saturated fats. Avoid meat, salt, and all refined and processed foods. Particularly avoid all white sugar and white flour and all products made with them. It has been clearly demonstrated that excessive consumption of white sugar and refined foods is one of the prime causes of hardening of the arteries and heart disease.
Avoid overeating and consequent obesity – a proven major cause of arteriosclerosis.

Biological treatments
1.   Repeated short juice fasts, one week to ten days.
2.  Plenty of outdoor exercise. Sedentary life is one of the major contributing causes of arteriosclerosis.
3.   Eliminate all mental stresses and worries – also well-known contributing causes of arteriosclerosis.
4.   Eliminate all environmental sources of metal poisoning, such as aluminum or copper cooking utensils, copper or lead plumbing, lead-glazed ceramics, contaminated water, etc. Toxic metals entering the body are known to be deposited on the walls of the aorta and the arteries.
5.   Stop smoking. Smoking constricts the arteries and aggravates the condition.

Vitamins and supplements (daily)
С – in large doses up to 3,000 mg. Even more in severe cases.
Combined bioflavonoids (rutin, citrin, hesperidins) – 300-600 mg.
E-600 to 1,200 IU.
Lecithin – 2 tbsp. of granules
Flax seed oil – 2 tsp.
B-complex, high potency, natural
Chromium (occurs in raw sugar, cane juice and in naturally hard water)
Niacin – 100-500 mg., preferably under doctor’s supervision
B6 – 50 mg.
Inositol – 500 mg.
Choline – 500 mg.
Brewer’s yeast – 2-3 tbsp. a day
Magnesium – 400 mg.
Calcium – 500 mg.
Kelp – 1 tsp. granules or 5 tablets

All available fresh, raw vegetable and fruit juices, in season Grapefruit juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice, and green juice are especially beneficial.

Comfrey, garlic, cayenne, golden seal, mistletoe leaves, hawthorn berries, rose hips.

Vitamins С, Е, B6 lecithin niacin, chromium, magnesium, flax seed oil, garlic, systematic under-eating, plenty of exercise.

1.    Some biologically oriented doctors use chelation therapy in treatment of arteriosclerosis,     with reported success.
2.    Vitamin С helps in conversion of cholesterol into bile acids, as has been demonstrated in animal studies. This leads to the conclusion that vitamin С deficiency may cause elevated blood cholesterol and be involved in causation of arteriosclerosis.



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